Interview Reflection

I had a great experience conducting my interviews last week. Be sure to stay tuned to my Instagram @richbellsju for photos from the event. The interview was just as I had expected it would be, very in depth and informative. This was the biggest risk I have taken all semester, as I had to made sure all of the equipment and sound levels were right on point. I had to change the type of microphone that I was using at the last minute due to technical difficulties, but that was the hardest part. I enjoyed learning all about the Bethesda Project and how they make a difference in the lives of many homeless men.

I learned how to ask effective follow up questions that relate to the subject, and how to elaborate on individual points. All of the questions that I needed answers to have been answered, and I look forward to moving forward with this assignment and remaining in contact with them for any upcoming needs or questions and to present the final product to them.

The interview was successful because I spoke to both the men and the staff and covered all of the points that I needed to in the process. The audio worked well and and everything went very smoothly. I might have tried to interview one other employee, as one of them seemed a bit camera shy and gave very brief answers, but that is it. Overall, a great experience. Can’t wait to finish strong with this project!

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