2 Scenes

Walking into the campion dining hall at Saint Joseph’s University is always an interesting experience. I returned after our class Wednesday, and I was shocked to see that there were many more people in the dining hall during dinner hours than there were during our lunch time. I had a Hamburger with one layer of Cheese, and Fries on the side. I sat with one friend for dinner inside the dining hall and several people were sitting around us. My friend had the same dinner that I had. One girl was sitting around us working on Microsoft Word, and there was significant trash on the ground next to us as well as all over the entire dining hall. Napkins were out of place, chairs were not pushed in, and there was food on the floor in some areas as well. I could hear one girl talking about her recent visit with her parents at parents weekend, but other than that all of the talk was just random talking from all different parts of the hall. Overall, this was an interesting experience, to say the least!

Over the weekend, I was at a SJU Men’s Soccer Game vs. George Mason University on Sweeney Field. Despite it being fall break, many students were in attendance at this event. The game was aggressive, and athletes from both teams were working hard to finish with a victory. SJU had red uniforms and George Mason had green uniforms. There were children of all ages and parents of all ages at this event as well. This game took place at night. People in the stands had all sorts of different clothing on, mostly shorts, T-Shirts, and SJU spirit wear. This was an excellent experience as well.

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