The Campion Student center is a building on campus that is filled with a significant amount of social interaction, food, a hard work at both the student and administrative levels. The environment when you first walk in is very clean and neat for the most part, but that does not come without a downside. Many of the hallways are filled with dirty footprints and a small amount of food here and there that has fallen off of someones plate during travel around campion. The environment smells like food of all different meals when you first walk in, and as you get closer to the dining hall area the smell becomes much more clear. There is a significant amount of talking that takes places both in a loud and quiet manner, and many of the students are talking about news, sports, food, and even complaining about different things that they did not like.

The lines for the food are very long, and there are people from all different grade levels who have come here to eat. It is hard to move around in the dining hall area at times because there are so many different people there. This is especially the case as you get closer to where the food is, and the back of the dining hall is not as packed with people. The building is filled with soda machines, snack stands, vending machines, and many different methods to get food. Many carts that are used by custodial staff are also present all throughout the building as well. There are many couches and chairs, many of which are out of place, and many bushes and trees surround the building. There is even a fireplace in campion for decoration, although not many people sit near it. There are napkins as well as salt and pepper on each table, and the napkin containers are even decorated with nice advertisements! Trash cans are also present, and students have the options to recycle or throw out their trash in the regular trash bin.

Campion is well-known for its wide variety of drinks as well. There are many different options for the students to pursue. Some of these options include coke, coca-cola, pepsi, powerade, gatorade, milk, chocolate milk, and regular water. The menu is also diverse, as we see burgers, fries, and pizza offered on a regular basis, along with subway sandwiches and hawk raps offered regularly as well. There are also apples and bananas as well as chips to make for a well rounded meal. Overall, campion is very diverse and has many different options for students, which makes it a great environment for campus. 

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