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Hair is a very unique aspect of the human body. It works to give an individual of any gender an identity and a way to stand out among their peers. It also serves a more important purpose of keeping the head of an individual cold during the winter months and protecting their head from damage within the environment in which we live. This morning while I was in Campion, I noticed that many different individuals had hair that is different from the person that is sitting either right next to or around them. One individual that stood out to me, who happened to be a male, had a very unique hairstyle. This young man had hair that was very blond, curly, and was even spiked up in the front, which helped him to stand out among those in the dining hall who also have blond hair. This hair stands out among other blond hairstyles because his hair was filled with curls. There curls were not just any curls, but they were curls that went in all different directions. The curls were in all areas of the hair, and these include the top, back, front, on the sideburns, on the spikes, and on the young mans beard as well. Not only was the hair very diverse in terms of the style and the fact that it was spiked in the front, but it was also very big in all areas of the head as well. It was not anything close to a buzz cut, but it was rather long hair that made this head stands out very well in terms of other students that he was surrounded by. This haircut was so diverse and had so many curls in it that some parts of the head on the man were not even visible. This includes the ears of the student as well as the top of the forehead. The beard on the student and his head of hair truly do look like one full set of hair, as the head of hair starts right at the top of the beard, and there seems to be no difference between them.


Campion is an excellent space to observe people and make detailed observations that can be used to take small field notes that have the intention of turning into large stories and observations. Upon entering the student center on what was just a normal Wednesday morning, I had no idea what I would expect. Of course, I know the culture of what this center is like because I have been a student here for four years, but I was not always an observer of the small details that help to give Campion the identity that it has. When I was making my observations, I really took the time to look at every aspect of the center. This included the floors, the smell of each room, the food in each of the dining halls, the drinks that were offered in each of the dining halls, as well as how both dining halls were set up. While the food and two dining halls is what Campion is best known for on our campus, it can also be known for the mess that it is and that is often left there. Many people do not take the time to clean up after themselves, push in their chair, or clean up their napkins. I noticed many napkins that were simply on the ground or on top of the trashcan, and not in it. Campion is also filled with many administrative offices as well, and many people do not think this of when they enter the facility, mainly because it is only known for food. Taking notes was at times difficult because there was so much small detail, but the point of jottings is to make only brief notes. Campion is at the heart of our campus, so there is a lot of detail and buildings that surround it as well. This is difficult because the other buildings and surrounding outside areas add a significant amount of detail, and it is up to us as the student to be a decent observer and take it all in. Overall, Campion is a center where significant activity goes on, but only we know some of it from an obvious perspective.

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