Technological Innovation in Class

This semester I have had an excellent experience telling my digital story. While I have improved my writing and communication skills all across the board, I have learned how to deal with many different forms of technology as well. Some of these technologies include iMovie, Audacity, and WordPress. While all of these technologies have been used throughout the semester in many different ways, they all work together to tell a digital story, and have helped me to display all of our course objectives in one way or another.

iMovie editing software is very interactive with many different features that standout, including the ability to easily put clips together and break up clips to rearrange the order for an enjoyable story. I also had an enjoyable experience picking out all of the most important parts and putting them together to tell a successful story, rather than just post it the way it was filmed. You can also edit out the mistakes as well.

Audacity was an excellent software because I was able to take a long audio clip and simply edit it down to get the most important parts of audio for my “looking” assignment. Since Bill was so helpful and helped us to identify successful software, little research was needed as far as product quality is concerned.

Telling stories about the homeless and people in difficult living situations can be very emotional and hard to handle, and I was able to edit out parts of the audio interview where the man wanted to stop and collect his thoughts. Without this kind of technology, I would have a difficult time focusing on detailed questions and answers of each interview and not have to worry about taking detailed notes until afterward.

Ultimately, WordPress helped me to bring my entire project together in a really interactive atmosphere and was the culmination of my project. I encountered struggles in various ways during all parts of the process when putting the project together, but ultimately have learned many different skills as a result of my experience.

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